UnionDocs Collaborative Fellows present La Marqueta @ The Moore Street Market


Come join two of our Collaborative Studio Members  Elizabeth Lawrence Order  & Sonia Gonzalez as they present a mini-series of short documentaries titled La Marqueta at the Moore Street Market @  online 110 Moore Street OrderBrooklynNY Order  tomorrow [7/18]! Doors open at 6:30 and the screening starts at 8:00pm with live salsa music, free food and beer.

La Marqueta
Directed by Elizabeth Lawrence, produced by Elizabeth Lawrence &  online Sonia Gonzalez

A parisian TV host now living in Brooklyn, Sonia visits one of the oldest markets in Williamsburg called LA MARQUETA. Home to 20+ latino vendors, La Marqueta sells food, haircuts, music and gifts. Every episode, Sonia visits a different vendor and learns about their craft. One day she works in a Dominican restaurant and another she’s learning to cut hair in a Barbershop. The short films of LA MARQUETA are a show and tell of culture and craft. They instruct and highlight a marketplace built for the community and run by the community.

Cooking for Manuel
Sonia learns how to cook an authentic Puerto Rican meal for market vendor, Manuel Rivera.

La Marqueta Barbershop
Sonia receives a hair cutting lesson from veteran barber Jose Medina and practices her barber skills on a customer.

Working at Romanita’s online Purchase
Sonia works in a restaurant for the day.  From cooking in the kitchen to serving customers food, does Sonia have what it takes?

My Urban Farm
Sonia meets with Urban Farmers looking to make a green thumb print on La Marqueta.  Watch Sonia build a DIY aquaponic system.