Weekly Schedule

From September 2020 through June 2021, CoLAB’s meeting pattern is fairly consistent. While scheduled for people who work full-time or freelance, it remains a very significant commitment of time. During the week, participants independently find time in their schedule for production, readings, and other CoLAB exercises and projects. Weekends, they get together for screenings and events with Sunday claiming the greatest concentration of activity. Expect a minimum of 4-8 hours of work towards production, 4 hours of assigned watching and reading, and 4-10 hours of meetings, seminars, masterclasses, and screenings. That’s about 14-22 hours each week. National holidays are respected and some variation to the schedule does occur.

Wed, 6:30pm

Thurs, 7:30pm

Sun, 11:00am

Sun, 4:00pm

Sun, 7:30pm

Production meeting

Public Documentary Bodega Screening

Time regularly set aside for production

Private CoLAB Masterclass or Seminar

Public Documentary Bodega Screening

Production Calendar











Orientation, open project discussions.

Exercises, skill share, experimentation, play.

Shared research in partnerships.

Focused research, proposal development.

Proposal first draft for visiting critique.

Visiting critique panel: Assembly.

Production, group critiques.

Visiting critique panel: Rough Cut.

Visiting critique panel: Fine Cut.

Public event in NYC.
Distribution planning & packaging.

Financial Considerations

Program Fees

Annual program fees are $5,350, payable in two parts:
$500 deposit due upon accepting the invitation.
Full balance ($4,850) due July 1, 2020.

These fees have been set up to be as a low as possible, while also providing for a meaningful experience in a well-organized environment. UnionDocs is a small independent non-profit organization that has grown from grassroots. We do not have an endowment, nor institutional affiliation, so we rely on these fees to help with the program’s operating costs. We strive to deliver a lot more for participants than they would expect to get paying for a single course at university. It is possible for a sponsor to make a tax-deductible donation to UnionDocs earmarked for an individual’s program fees. Many past participants have been successful in pursuing grants or individual donations to cover their costs.


For accepted applicants from abroad seeking the J-1 trainee visa through International Arts & Artists, UnionDocs will provide support in seeking additional internship or work-study positions with qualified New York City based organizations. Employment is authorized for J-1 nonimmigrants only under the terms of the exchange program, so these placements must be pursued in partnership with UnionDocs and be relevant positions within the field. If an internship is secured, it may be possible for the applicant to receive payment or reduced living expense that will make their participation in the program more practical. Please check with your sponsoring agency for more information on any restrictions that may apply to working in the United States.

Crowdfunding Options

UnionDocs will support a thirty day crowdfunding campaign that will allow fellows to seek tax deductible donations from their network of support, in order to lessen the burden of the program fees. The campaign will be held July 1st to 31st, just prior to the start of the program and will be hosted on UnionDocs’ own crowdfunding platform donate.uniondocs.org. UnionDocs will provide access to the online platform to accepted applicants and will prepare general text, imagery and videos to aid in the fundraising effort. Fellows will be responsible for communicating the opportunity to their contacts, both individuals and organizations. Contributions may come in the form of online credit card payment or checks. At the close of the campaign, fellows will pay the balance, if any remains, of their program fees. Participation in the crowdfunding campaign is entirely optional, but those that tried in the past three years were successful in lowering their out of pocket expense.

Residency Fees

$920 month plus commons charges (roughly $80/month electricity, heating, gas, water and high speed internet as well as bi-monthly cleaning).

A deposit of $1500 required at time of contract to be refunded within 30 days of moving out by check, cash, or bank wire transfer.

This rent is a direct pass through of what UnionDocs pays to lease the apartments plus utilities and other charges. It is market rate (or even a bit lower) for the area, considering the space, location and amenities. Program fees are separate and are, of course, also required for the residency. A 10-month sublease period from September 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 is mandatory.

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the Executive Artistic Director of UnionDocs. The refund policy for participants enrolled in the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio is as follows:

100% of deposit is refundable should J1 visa application be denied.
50% refund of deposit is possible with withdrawal before July 15, 2020.
50% refund of total program fees is possible with withdrawal before August 15, 2020.
No refunds are possible after September 1, 2020.

The UnionDocs Collaborative Program receives support from: