UnionDocs to Host Fundraiser for “Poe-lawelawe” (The Workers) on Friday, October 17


UnionDocs is pleased to host a fundraising event for former Collaborative Fellow how much pristiq can i take Anthony Simon. His latest project, “Poe-lawelawe” (The Workers), is a personal exploration of his family’s labor in the various industries of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, beginning with his Great Grandfather’s immigration from the Philippines to work in sugar production.

The party at UnionDocs will feature an extended preview of the project as well as a supercut of Hollywood films shot on Kauai that illustrates the island’s industrial appeal. MF Rex and Jack Dutone will be spinning a funk and soul vinyl DJ set for a dance party afterwards. Beer and Hawaiian rum punch will be on sale with a suggested donation of $10 at the door.

If you can’t make it and would still like to donate, you can do so through Pills Paypal or Venmo. Every donation will receive a “Special Thanks” in the credits.

RSVP here to attend.

Event Schedule:

8:00pm – Warm-up DJ set by Moses Funk and Jack Dutone of “vintage sleazy listening, exotica & space age pop”.

9:00pm – Screening of an extended preview of “Poe-lawelawe” (The Workers) as well as the “Kauai Thru Hollywood” supercut.

9:30pm – 12:00am – Dance Party with an all-vinyl DJ set of “the deadliest soul and funk nuggets” by Moses Funk and Jack Dutone.

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 Learn more about the project

5-Minute Preview: Order

Project Blog
Director’s Website

Where the funds are going:

To date the project has been completely self-funded, so any amount helps! Anthony will need an experienced cinematographer and sound recordist for particular shoots on Kauai. He’ll also be interviewing the legendary B-movie director Roger Corman in LA and would like to hire a crew to get the best results out of this special opportunity.

About the director: Pills

Anthony Simon is involved with fiction and non-fiction filmmaking, music production, and street art. He recently directed and edited a short documentary, “Third Shift”, about the Domino Sugar Brooklyn Refinery that won “Best Short Documentary” at the 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival.

He works professionally as a freelance video editor, with clients such as Maysles Films, The Guardian, and The Yes Men. Anthony received his BA at The Evergreen State College and was a fellow at the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio Program.