UnionDocs Seeks Critical Writing Fellow to contribute to our website and participate in our community.

UnionDocs, a non-profit documentary arts space in Brooklyn, is looking for a new Critical Writing Fellow to contribute to our website and participate in our community.
Home to an artists’ collaborative residency, and host to more than 100 events per year, UnionDocs is designed to foster conversation around non-fiction media. The Critical Writing Fellow’s role is to expand upon the issues raised during events, and bring these conversations to the wider world through writing posted on the website.

Applicants should write well and possess a imaginative critical voice. A strong interest in documentary art and media, and a broad cultural curiosity will be valued higher than any particular experience of body or knowledge. Some examples januvia price here Order and online here of previous writing to consider the type of pieces we have run. Order Critical Writing Fellow Notes Cheap


– Two pieces a month of critical reflection on events hosted in the space.


– Free admission to the 100+ events that happen in the space each year.
– Access to the Master Classes and seminars held each week for the UnionDocs collaborative, led by Scott MacDonald, Chi-hui Yang and many others.
– A built-in readership linked from UnionDocs’ newsletter and social media, which reaches more than 20,000 people.
– A real life conversational community of artists, writers, and non-fiction media buffs who frequent the space.
– Attentive editorial guidance from site editor Colin Beckett.
– The scores of opportunities that arise from contributing to a small but influential organization.


Apply by 9/1/13

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