Upcoming Deadlines for Grants in Support of Documentary Filmmaking, Spring 2016

Below, a collection of Spring 2016 grant opportunities for filmmakers:


Providing development funding to documentary filmmakers who have a compelling story to tell, have secured access to their story and are ready to shoot and edit a piece for production fundraising purposes. Our mission is to enable filmmakers to develop their film projects to the next level at a moment where funding is hard to find. We support powerful stories, and moving storytelling, across a broad spectrum of issues and perspectives. Accepting Winter applications beginning January 18, 2016.
For more info: http://catapultfilmfund.org/
Deadline: Mid-February, 2016 (exact date TBD)


Open Call provides completion funds for single nonfiction public television programs on any subject, and from any viewpoint. Projects must have begun production as evidenced by a work-in-progress video. Open Call funding is only available to independent producers who are citizens or legal residents of the U.S. and its external territories.
For more info:  Order http://itvs.org/funding/open-call
Deadline: February 5, 2016


The goal of LEF New England is to fund the work of independent film and video artists in the region and broaden recognition and support for their work locally and nationally. LEF invests in documentary film and video projects that demonstrate excellence in technique, originality of vision and voice, and creativity in form. The strongest proposals will be those that clearly articulate the ways in which the proposed project embodies the program’s funding criteria.
For more info: http://www.lef-foundation.org/ DefaultPermissions/NewEngland/tabid/160/Default.aspx
Production & Post-Production Deadline: January 29, 2016
Pre-Production Deadline: June 6, 2016


CID has been collaborating with independent producers in the creation of independent documentaries for more than 25 years. CID provides a variety of project management services for projects. These include: managing project funds (including paying project invoices, providing budget oversight, managing all contributions and grants, and offering  technical support and tools for fundraising and distribution. CID also offers creative and technical support for the project throughout production and post.
For more info: http://documentaries.org/filmmaker-services/
Deadline: Rolling


The Bertha BRITDOC Documentary Journalism Fund is a new global fund awarding £10,000-50,000 to documentary filmmakers from any country as a mixture of grants and investments. The fund supports projects at the intersection of film and investigative journalism that break the important stories of our time, expose injustice, bring attention to unreported issues, and bring cameras into regions previously unseen. Grants are recoupable.
For more info:  Pills https://britdoc.org/bertha-journalism/
Deadline: Rolling



We believe that creative visual storytelling is vital to the pursuit of justice and equity in the 21st century. To flourish, artists and their networks need aligned creative, financial, and professional supports, as well as distribution systems that enable them to reach a wide range of audiences. Historically, this field has been underresourced, and affordable, reliable access to the work remains a challenge. To address this, JustFilms supports ideas, individuals, institutions, and networks that accelerate progress toward social justice through creative, artist-driven visual storytelling, with a special focus on documentary work. We build and support networks to increase resources in the field, develop artists as leaders, and connect film and interactive storytellers with the tools and talent they need to do their best work, amplify their message, and extend the impact of their projects. JustFilms accepts letters of inquiry for grants year round, averaging between 800 and 1,000 inquiries.

For more info: https://www.fordfoundation.org/work/our-grants/justfilms/
Deadline: Rolling


Buy Buy

For almost 30 years IDA’s fiscal sponsorship program has been helping independent documentary projects of all types get funded, finished and seen. Last year we administered over six million dollars in donations and grants to our sponsored projects.  The fiscal sponsorship program is open to independent filmmakers and documentarians, regardless of education, background or previous credits. Whether this is your first film or you’ve been making documentaries as long as we’ve been sponsoring them, if you have an idea and a plan, we can help.
For more info: http://www.documentary.org/fiscal-sponsorship-application
Deadline: Rolling


The Sundance Institute Documentary Fund supports nonfiction filmmakers worldwide in the production of cinematic documentaries with meaning and moral purpose and strong storytelling. Grantees become eligible for creative Documentary Labs, Fellows programs at the Sundance Creative Producing Summit and the Sundance Film Festival, and editorial and creative support. Grants will be awarded on a rolling basis throughout the application period.
For more info: http://www.sundance.org/programs/documentary-film/#grants
Deadline: Rolling