DCTV Presents DO DONKEY’S ACT? 03/19

On Monday 3/19 at 7 PM, head over to our friends at DCTV for the NYC premiere of Do Donkeys Act? 

“Burned, beaten, abandoned, donkeys look back at us humans with indifference, and bray.” David Redmon and Ashley Sabin’s Do Donkeys Act?, filmed over 5 years, subtly subverts the notion of the “dumb beast” as it captures donkeys communicating emotionally with each other in the midst of healing from human cruelty and neglect. A poetic text threads through scenes “acted” by donkeys, a rhythmic script commentary voiced by Willem Dafoe.

Encouraging us to respect a major language barrier we might not otherwise consider, the mystery and intrigue of donkey utterances invites us to “step into their shade, listen closely” as we attune to a series of dramatic performances in which we eavesdrop on donkeys speaking amongst themselves.

Tickets for the event here.