A Shout Out

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Check out this Order story on NPR’s Order purchase eulexin fda All Things Considered, featuring our former co-conspirator Paul Kiel, now a reporter/blogger for the political blog Order Order Pills Talking Points Memo. The blog – and specifically the investigative reporting sub-blog TPM Muckraker (which Paul edits) – is credited with breaking the recent Alberto Gonzales/US attorney firings story. As the All Things Considered piece points out, a pretty concrete indicator of the mainstream sea change blogging and participatory media are effecting. Cheers.

One thought on “A Shout Out

  1. Christopher

    Congratulations to Paul and the rest of the folks at TPM on this well-deserved recognition for work. The Gonzales piece is only one of the stories they have broken and I believe their work represents more than just a shift in media. Here we see not only excellent and tireless journalism, but also an example of a community of concerned individuals effecting change and ultimately making history.

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