Signal To Noise Winning Project ‘Para Cruzar El Agua/To Cross the Water’ is looking for voices

To Cross the Water is a radio project that works to document the hopes, fears, and expressions of love that Puerto Ricans share from both the island and the U.S. mainland. This project is working with New York City’s historic and thriving Puerto Rican communities to create a series of audio postcards to be broadcast from AM radio stations in Puerto Rico. This project also works to transmit audio postcards from Puerto Rico back to communities in New York City.

AM radio served as a critical lifeline for Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria when fallen power lines and overburdened cell towers failed to connect Puerto Ricans to their loved ones or convey vital emergency information. Thus, this project chose the medium of AM radio to ensure that these messages will reach their destination no matter what conditions persist or arise in the future.

TCTW is looking for voices. To participate, you can call in or you can have an in person interview. This project was made possible by the Signal to Noise grant from Gilded Audio and UnionDocs. Learn more about Ariana Martinez, the artist behind this project, here.

Llame al (347) 916-7521 para dejar un mensaje que cruzará el agua.
Call (347) 916-7521 to leave a message that will cross the water.