CoLAB Alums Colleen Cassingham & Casey Carter’s Two Prisons will premiere at Hong Kong Film Art International Film Festival!

Congratulations to participants in our 2018 Collaborative Studio Colleen Cassingham and Casey Carter! Their CoLAB film, TWO PRISONS, has been selected for the ‘Best Short Film’ category in the 2019 Hong Kong Film Art International Film Festival (HKFAIFF).

TWO PRISONS brings together disparate spatial and temporal zones into one unfixed, multidimensional stage. Following Beijing activist Wang Zhongxia as he seeks political asylum in New York City, boundaries and borders of the past and present, East and West become blurred and are reconfigured. Cassingham and Carter superimpose representations of persecution, surveillance, and paranoia, ultimately providing a fragmented yet comprehensive portrait of political dissidence under authoritarian regimes.

Colleen Cassingham is an associate producer at Multitude Films in Brooklyn, New York. Her debut short documentary, FROM DAMASCUS TO CHICAGO, premiered at POV in 2017 and was an Editor’s Pick at The Atlantic. She is currently producing a feature called CHILDREN OF THE TENT,  a project supported by a Fulbright Creative Arts Grant.

Casey Carter is a New York based filmmaker, photographer, and designer. He’s currently shooting and co-directing a feature film in Ecuador exploring contemporary conceptions of nature, conservation, legality, and ethics.