Exercises in Nonfiction

The following are two amusing activities for the UnionDocs Collaborative to consider.


We’ve been so eager in locating and analyzing myths in our culture that we’ve lost all touch with reality. A point had been raised by one viewer during our MOMA Q&A: our collaborative efforts, though well executed and commendable, felt detached and lacked a real sense of passionate urgency. Although the UDC has made an effort to question the representations of “truth” in their media when working on the collaborative project, it could be refreshing to step away from that self-consciousness and to temporarily put on a selfish hat. The groups can remain the same or they can change, perceivable subjectivity is key here. Activist documentary, political video art, propagandists, and video bloggers have all tread this territory. This activity would (ideally) serve as a fun reminder in why we work the way we do, why they work the way they do.

2. A Game For Eleven Nonfiction Workers

Split up into two groups of five (each refered to as a “House“), the remaining eleventh person as a third group (” order vytorin cost Free Order online generic celexa lexapro “) . Free assigns a subject, location, budget, shoot and edit deadlines to both groups. Free can change the budget at any time. House members may switch with Free but Free cannot  swap positions unless if a House member initiates the swap(with one exception, to follow). Swaps may occur only once a day. Once the shoot deadline has transpired then it is up to the Free to edit both projects. Free/House trade rules differ during editing so now Free can swap with any House member Pills once http://www.3kamm.de/cheap-gasex-tablets/ per day but only when initiated by Free. During the edit period, House now controls the deadline but it can only  be changed by a unanimous group vote. Once the final deadline passes on both projects, the works are screened without any further changes. http://blog.mgkglobal.com/?p=6790