Los Sures and Man with a Movie Camera

los sures graphcic Buy Los Sures: http://counsellingforyourpeaceofmind.com.au/2018/02/02/shipping-omnicef/ generic claritin price When watching Los Sures, what most struck me was the incredible access afforded to the filmmakers. With this shot in particular, they filmed from perhaps the most intimate vantage: as an inert companion in bed with two of the subjects. By inserting the camera into the most literal of intimate situations throughout the film, the artifice of filmmaking virtually disappears (with the exception of non-primary characters’ occasional gawks in the background of passing shots).

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The Man with a Movie Camera: This screen grab captures a moment in the film where the Man with a Movie Camera sees himself — and his camera’s machinations — reflected in a glass window. He’s often depicted carrying his camera — lugging it, hauling it — occasionally from behind, and at least at one point standing on top of his camera — but it’s a rare point in the film where you see him, seeing himself filming. I like the idea of literal reflection that’s built into this shot.

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  1. Betty Cruz-Roman

    I was born in Greenpoint hospital in 1960 and lived in Los Sures, we are a family of six. My mom now lives in Fort Green and we have all moved from Brooklyn for over 30 years now. I presently live in White Plains, Westchester County, but lived in Williamsburgh until I was about 22 y/o. Since mom still lives in Brooklyn I often go there and have seen all the changes taking place. I am super interested in watching the documentary titled “Los Sures”, but cant seem to find it anywhere. Would you be able to give me some direction.

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