Los Sures to have week-long run at NYC’s brand new Metrograph theater

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We’re pleased to announce a week-long run of Los Sures at Metrograph Buy , the latest edition to NYC’s indie film theaters. On the Lower East Side at Canal and Ludlow, Metrograph will be officially opening Friday February 19th. The first season of screenings includes Titicut Follies (Frederick Wiseman 1967), http://blog.magaexpress.com/?p=6894 Chelsea Girls (Andy Warhol, 1966), and our very own Cheap Los Sures Cheap (Diego Echeverria, 1984).

Los Sures is a documentary exhibiting the lives of 5 Hispanic/Latino residents of South Williamsburg, Brooklyn; a predominately Puerto Rican and Dominican populated neighborhood. We see first hand the trouble that plague the impoverished area, such as drugs and gang violence; as well as the vibrant culture and sense of community thriving through Williamsburg at the time. This film is currently being shown at MoMA Ps1 now through January 23rd and will premiere at The Metrograph Theater for a one week engagement April 15th through the 21st. More info and list of all films set to be screened over at Pills Indiewire.


Tickets will be available via Metrograph. http://bullseye-studio.com/cheap-altace-generic-name/