Submissions for the True / False Film Festival are open till October 31!

“True/False is a film festival in Columbia, Missouri, USA which strives to celebrate the best of international nonfiction. We are interested in authored work with a clear filmmaking vision and formal intention. When we watch films, we approach them as art. We open ourselves up to the sensorial and intellectual attributes of films, perking up when those elements truly surprise, challenge, and/or stimulate us, while also grappling with the ethical framework they present. We are skeptical of films that present humans in flat, simplistic ways, e.g. as experts, archetypes, or evidence, as well as films that reinforce traditional power structures, hateful, or hurtful stereotypes. We value imagination, risk-taking, and sensitivity. The artform we engage with is extremely young and we’re eager to encounter work that reveals new ways for us to instigate, to heal, to see and hear. A note on “creative nonfiction,” “docu-fiction,” and “hybrids”: Films are often slotted into two categories – documentary and fiction – we believe that every film falls somewhere in between.”