Video Converge

Project Title:

Video Converge

Overall Project Description:

The Collaborative will converge on a happening of interest. Each member of the collaborative will be documenting his/her day leading up to the happening of interest with a video device. Once all members have arrived at pre-determined locations in and around the happening each member will continue to record the main happening of interest by focusing on that which they find most compelling during the duration. All video will be compiled, logged and edited in the hopes of presenting a unique document of the happening of interest from 11 different perspectives.


Relationship to General Topic of Mythology:

What is really happening here?

When we choose to capture an event on video we do so from our own perspective. The event that we are documenting (i.e. a birthday party, a concert, a baptism, a fight) may become less about that event and more our individual perspective of surrounding.

cheap feldene dosage Description of Component for Theatrical Presentation:

The entire final piece can be exhibited.

Project Team:

Producers: Jolene, Tina, Katia, Robbie

Camera: Shawn, Hyatt, Josh, Will, Andre, Tina, Jolene, Katia, Ben, Rahul, Robbie.

Physical positions can be pre-determined by mapping, depending on the chosen happening of interest.

Post: Rahul, Andre, Ben


One pre-production meeting with group for discussion and event brainstorming must take place before March 27 online th. Happening of Interest must take place before April 12 Pills th. Editing must begin no later that April 12th.

Pills Technology Requirements:

Use our own or borrow video devices with plenty of battery and footage space (tape, sd card,etc). online