Rumur Retrospective: Thursdays in May at Brooklyn Heights Cinema

Our friends Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley, the team behind Battle for Brooklyn Purchase Pills will be featured next month each Thursday for a mid-career retrospective presented with Filmwax and Rooftop Films. online

Galinsky & Hawley, the filmmaking team behind the Brooklyn-based production studio Rumur, has been making inovative films for two decades (often with producer David Beilinson). This May the first 5 features from Rumur, created between 1992 and 2012, will be shown as a retrospective at Kenn Lowy’s The Brooklyn Heights Cinema — all 35mm-projected for your analog pleasure.

Adam Sekuler, Program Director of the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle encapsulates Rumur’s body of work, saying, “In the age of the cinematic in-between, the partners at Rumur have been actively exploring territories of co-mingled documentary and fiction for nearly two decades. With their narrative films like Half-Cocked and Radiation, they worked closely with the underground music community to build fictional stories from their actual lives. For their social documentaries of the aughts such as Horns and Halos through their more recent films like quanto costa lo sciroppo vermox Battle For Brooklyn, Rumur has tagged alongside the political underdogs constructing a narrative arc to their real life drama. Within all of this, unlike Michael Moore, rumur actually let their audiences do the thinking rather than taking polemical approaches to their filmmaking. This quality, particularly as more and more media offer overly perfected messaging, reminds us that we too, the audiences, are as vulnerable as those portrayed on the screen. That is why their films remain an urgent example of how documentaries should be made.”

For more information and the full schedule click here.