“A different kind of Order” – ICP Triennial, until September 22nd

Every three years, ICP’s curators round up some of the most interesting contemporary photography and video works from around the world. The 2013 Triennial, A Different Kind of Order, focuses on artworks created in our current moment of widespread economic, social, and political instability. The exhibition will include 28 international artists who employ photography, film, video, and interactive media. Many of their works reflect the growing importance of new paradigms associated with digital image making and network culture. A Different Kind of Order how much does naltrexone injection cost Order Purchase Buy  is organized by Kristen Lubben, Christopher Phillips, Carol Squiers, and Joanna Lehan.

“The triennial…is what new-work surveys strive to be but seldom are: about art precisely now.” – The New York Times

From: http://www.icp.org/museum/ Purchase Pills exhibitions/icp-triennial-2013

Drowning World