Call for Submissions: Bill Plympton and UnionDocs Animation Contest

Buy As part of a screening event of Alexia Anastasio’s documentary Adventures in Plymptoons! which explores the life and work of two-time Academy Award-nominee artist and animator Bill Plympton, UnionDocs is calling artists, filmmakers and animators to submit works for an animation contest.

The best works will be chosen by Plympton himself and screened before Adventures in Plymptoons! Cheap on Pills May 27th at UnionDocs.

The works should be limited to two minutes and draw their inspiration from Plymptons’ works, style or themes. If there is a dialogue, it should be in English (or include English subtitles).

Deadline for submission: May 20, 2012.

Once the work is ready, please send a link and password to watch it online to [email protected]

The winning filmmaker would also receive a DVD and a drawing signed by Plympton.

To watch Bill Plympton and Alexia Anastasio’s personal invitation for the contest, Order click here:

[youtube][/youtube] Order