Caitlin Boyle to Host Workshop on Grassroots Film Distribution

Buy Caitlin Boyle Cheap , Board Vice President at UnionDocs, will present a workshop at the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival Purchase .

Making Change: How to Use Grassroots Distribution to Build Audiences, Revenue, and Social Change Through Film
Friday, March 29- 6:30 P.M. at Launchpad
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In recent years, do-it-yourself screening tours, social media-driven publicity and crowd-sourced financing have emerged as viable tools for filmmakers and distributors alike to distribute independent films. But how exactly can filmmakers leverage the energy and enthusiasm of local activists, leaders, and student groups to successfully earn revenue and public impact through their films? In this workshop, receive an introduction to the strategic and practical steps necessary for rallying a motivated audience around your film while earning distribution revenue and contributing to social change. Then, pose your own questions about the tools and resources you need to use your film to do good in the world, while doing well financially.

Caitlin Boyle Caitlin Boyle is the founder and president of Film Sprout, a boutique distribution and outreach firm that helps filmmakers broaden the audience and impact of their films through public screening initiatives that secure revenue, swell viewership and spark social change. A leading champion of grassroots and community distribution for independent films, she is the architect of national screening and audience outreach initiatives for dozens of feature documentaries, including King Corn, Pray the Devil Back to Hell,The End of the Line, A Small Act, Bag It and The Invisible War. She serves on the board of Brooklyn documentary arts center UnionDocs, and on the advisory board of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Research Institute for the Advancement of Cinema Arts and Commerce.