Check out Amanda Aronczyk’s article on Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive from the March 2014 AIRmedia.

Check out this great article on UnionDocs and Full Spectrum by Amanda Aroncyzk for Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) media, a global social and professional network of 900+ producers representing an extensive range of disciplines, from NPR news journalists, to sound artists, station station-based producers, podcasters, gearheads, media activists, and more.

How to tell a story? Let me count the ways…

AmandaABy Amanda Aronczyk

UnionDocs is a bustling media center operating out of a storefront in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Last year, AIR partnered with them to develop a new, weeklong immersion in “Full Spectrum” storytelling to give producers a chance to cultivate their chops and bring new imagination to translating and distributing their stories. NYC indie Amanda Aronczyk stepped up to lead a stellar team of instructors, including WNYC’s John O’Keefe, multimedia artist Ben Rubin, podcaster Jonathan Mitchell, and indies Ann Heppermann, Emily Botein, Michael May, and more. We asked Amanda to lay it down for us.

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Pills Amanda Aronczyk is a public radio reporter, currently working on a series about the state of health care in the Bronx for WNYC.

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