DCTV Fall Workshops: Registration Open!

Designed by and for independent filmmakers and media artists, DCTV Workshops continue to be engaging, timely, and affordable. Whether you’re starting your first website or finishing your latest film, we’re here for you.

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Along with our revered hands-on classic offerings in production, post-production, producing, and design, learn something new and exciting this September – December:


After Effects • After Effects: 3D Motion • After Effects: Green Screen • After Effects: Titles and Infographics • Art of the Interview • Audio Fundamentals • Audio Storytelling • Avid • Build Your Website • Camera Fundamentals • Camera Movement • DaVinci Resolve • Digesting Codecs • Digital Cinematography • Direct With Non-Actors • Docu Intensive • Documentary Grant Writing • Final Cut Pro • Get Your Film Into Festivals • HTML/CSS • HTML/CSS to JavaScript • Lighting Fundamentals • Mobile Filmmaking • Negotiate Your Contract • On-Set Media Management • Photoshop • Premiere • Pro Tools • Production Week • Stop Motion Animation • Video DSLR

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online All workshops have limited enrollment and require pre-registration. Register today! http://www.dctvny.org/workshops http://yoshialone.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/01/how-much-keppra-do-you-take/