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Jun 19, 2014 at 7:00 pm


With Matt Wolf (Teenage) & Clinton Krute (BOMB Magazine).



120min, 1983, USA, English, Digital projection

SEVENTEEN STILLpresented by BOMB Magazine Directed by Joel DeMott & Jeff Kreines

“A film about coming of age in the working class. We decided to follow a group of teenagers — girls and boys, white and black — whose lives intertwine during their last year in high school. By filming for more than a year, and by living where we were filming, we encountered a range of experience. A white girl has a cross burned in her yard because she has a black boyfriend. A pal of hers from the neighborhood loses his best friend, who is killed in a car accident. Another classmate fathers an illegitimate baby. From the beginning we mixed easily with the kids. We each use only a one-person rig we designed — a camera/tape recorder combination that allows the filmmaker to act intuitively and feel untied — no sound person, lights, crew, or crates of paraphernalia. It matters, too, that one of us is male, the other female: we could film those moments of high girlishness and boyishness that occur only out of earshot of the opposite sex.The result is a free-flowing intimacy with the teenagers’ world. Kids smoke dope, get drunk, sass their teachers, disobey the taboo against race-mixing, try to break away from their mothers and fathers. It’s clear that they, on occasion, fuck and fight. But the film is not scandalous. It got that reputation, sight-unseen by most citizens, when the authorities banned it from television, and boughten mouths told lies about it, over and over till invention became objective record, elevated to that pinnacle, and secured, by the typing sheep. Nothing new there — that the powerful have power. We refused to change our film. We respected the kids’ complexity, celebrated their liveliness, despaired of their future. And we loved them dearly. But it was impossible to oblige America’s notion that to be worthy film subjects, the working class must be saintlike, and to be embraceable, cinema-verité (or any art) should become a broken version of what the makers made.”

–Joel DeMott and Jeff Kreines

120 min


Matt Wolf  is a filmmaker in New York. His most recent film TEENAGE, based on the book by Jon Savage, is about the birth of youth culture. Previously, he made WILD COMBINATION about the avant-garde cellist and disco producer Arthur Russell, and I REMEMBER about the artist and poet Joe Brainard. Matt is finishing a new film for HBO about the children’s book illustrator and Eloise co-creator Hilary Knight.



Clinton-KruteClinton Krute is the web editor at BOMB Magazine


Jun 19, 2014
7:00 pm


BROOKLYN, NY 11211 United States

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Peek in the window of our bustling building in NYC and tune into the ideas and energy bubbling up from the UNDO Center.