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Jul 6, 2014 at 8:30 pm

Sweet Work. Shorts on Labor at the Domino Brooklyn Refinery

Post-screening discussion with filmmakers moderated by Filip Noterdaeme.

On the cusp of the Domino Sugar Brooklyn Refinery’s demolition, UnionDocs presents a program of mostly unseen work that examines the effect the refinery had on the surrounding neighborhood as well as addressing broader themes of sweetness and power. This will be the first public public exhibition of Sarah Jane Lapp’s short, “Sweetface”, that she began filming with the Domino Sugar workers in 2000. There will be a post-screening discussion moderated by Filip Noterdaeme, contributor to the Huffington Post and founder of The Homeless Museum of Art.

1989 still 1“Domino Sugar – 1989”

10 min / VHS Transfer / 1989

directed by Kenny Malcom

edited by Anthony Simon and Mike Vass

A time capsule of home video vignettes from 1989 filmed by Domino Sugar employee Kenny Malcom that illuminates the diversity of the Domino workforce and the empowerment they felt at the time. Featured is a picket line in front of the Domino site, a private meeting at the Polonia Club, as well as a union meeting dispute between the Domino workers and the ILW Union organizers.


28 min / 16mm / 2000-2013

directed by Sarah Jane Lapp

A personal essay film which uses actual sugar production as a point of departure to explore a variety of relational moments that involve soft power, gratitude, and love. The film evolved from the filmmaker’s hand-production of about 1,000 sugar packets, the majority of which she gave as gifts to workers at the Domino Sugar Refinery during their twenty-month strike in the early 2000’s.


Third Shift - July 6th screening“Third Shift”

20 min / HDV / 2013

directed by Anthony Simon

produced by Mike Vass

Two former Domino Sugar workers that remain blocks away from the now closed refinery reflect on their past experiences as employees and their future as residents in a rapidly changing neighborhood.


filipFilip Noterdaeme is the artist behind the conceptual art project known as The Homeless Museum of Art and the author of The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart (Outpost19, 2013). He also writes a blog on contemporary art for the Huffington Post. One of his most recent articles, “Sugarcoating the Art of Real Estate” considers Creative Time’s relationship with artist Kara Walker’s exhibition in the Domino Sugar Factory.





Jul 6, 2014
8:30 pm

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