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May 5, 2016 at 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Personal Documentary with Caveh Zahedi and The New School

Presented by Caveh Zahedi and The New School.


Independent Filmmaker Caveh Zahedi teaches a personal documentary class at the New School and will be at UnionDocs (along with his students) to present their work.

Free and closed to the public


Thursday, May 5th

Full Program: 91 minutes



The Stepfather by Jazmin Jones (3:00)

Asleep by Sage Smith (2:00)


Untitled 04 by Andy Egelhoff (5:00)

Mom by Michele Mansoor (3:00)

Ecstatic by Jazmin Jones (3:00)

Friend/ Sibling

Kole by Sage Smith (2:00)

Forbidden Games by Yeelen Cohen (2:30)

Love Life

My Love Be Like by Stella Sender (2:00)

? by Yeelen Cohen (3:00)

Why We Broke Up by Jazmin Jones (3:00)


Just a Game by Sienna Fekete (2:00)

In the Shower by Sage Smith (2:30)

Body by MIchele Mansoor (4:00)

Baby Phat by Stella Sender (2:00)

Black Nose, Jew Nose by Yeelen Cohen (2:00)

Mosquito Bites by Roxana Barbosa-Pereira (1:00)

Period Piece by Jazmin Jones (5:00)


Daddy’s Money by Esha Mehta (1:00)

The Quilt by Sienna Fekete (4:00)

Girl by Michele Mansoor (3:00)

Lang Makes Money Off of Me by Yeelen Cohen (3:00)


Class by Esha Mehta (1:00)

Monotony by Sienne Fekete (1:30)

Second Guess by Smith McLean (1:00)

DAPS by Jazmin Jones (5:00)


Moments That Made Me Love You by Sage Smith (2:30)

My Princess by Michele Mansoor (3:00)

LIES by Smith McLean (3:00)

What A Shame by Stella Sender (1:30)

P by Roxana Barbosa-Pereira (2:00)

Medium Rare by Samantha Groff (3:00)


In Union Square by Sage Smith (1:00)

UTI by Samantha Groff (3:00)

Sex with Me by Stella Sender (3:00)


May 5, 2016
8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

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