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Nov 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm


With Andrew Kolker, Jacqueline Goss, Louis Alvarez, Scott Carrier, and Andrew Rose Gregory.

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Is there anything more to be said about this election? After the extensive focus on flawed personality, scandal, lies, hacks, servers, rigging, and like-ability, all underlining the spectacle of the great partisan divide, we thought it useful and refreshing to explore a collection of projects that turn attention away from the candidates on the political stage and instead use the election as an opportunity to document the lives and ideas of voters across the country. These are projects that ignore the poll-machine, that aren’t interested in aggregates and data-crunching, but rather look to individual, everyday Americans –backstage political organizers, small business people, local activists, students and veterans– as experts on their own experience. Before the results roll in on Tuesday, we offer this chance to be reintroduced to some voices from the electorate.

The includes selections from Postcards from the Great Divide by Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, and Paul Stekler, Scott Carrier’s Home of the Brave, and Hart’s Location by Jacqueline Goss. All of whom will be present for an engaging discussion with the audience.

As a special addition – and to add levity and perspective to this evening – we will be joined by Andrew Rose Gregory of the musical outfit The Gregory Brothers, who are known best for racking up millions of views and as many laughs for their Songify the News web series. Gregory will tell the story behind their recent productions, including a couple celebrity collaborations that appeared on the New York Times Op-Docs, which work to amplify the absurdity of this election season.

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-6-36-43-pmPostcards From The Great Divide is a series of nine short documentaries produced by leading American independent filmmakers that are being released in a digital partnership between PBS’ Election 2016 initiative and The Washington Post.  Examining the deeply partisan split among the American electorate, the series travels to key locations across the US to help provide a greater understanding of how changing demographics and political self-sorting will continue to have a profound effect on American politics for years to come. Telling memorable stories with compelling on-camera characters, each Postcard brings a specific political issue to life, and provides an in-depth look at a specific demographic or partisan environment.

static1-squarespace-1Home of the Brave is the latest project from Peabody Award-winning journalist and This American Life contributor, Scott Carrier who has been all over. His work, both written and spoken, has taken him around the globe and back, each time with a new story of the road. Recently, he has taken a step into new territory, launching his own podcast. With his celebrated show, Home of the Brave, Carrier provides a weekly story “from the archives, the road, and the end of the world.” Over the past six months, Carrier  has done some of the most original, raw and enthralling interviews in the landscape of political reporting that we’ve heard, encountering strangers at rallies, caucuses and conventions. Carrier is based in Utah and will join via video conference.

static1-squarespace-1 Shot in New Hampshire in February and directed by Jacqueline Goss Hart’s Location combines observation and fiction to document the first U.S. presidential primary of 2016. The film moves from the isolation of a lonely apartment to the environs of a Donald Trump rally, and then onto the snowy streets of Manchester. As it unfolds, Hart’s Location considers the textures and emotions of current political impulses in the United States through the sentimental logic of one voter.


Songify the News is an American web series popularized by Brooklyn band The Gregory Brothers. Digitally manipulating recorded voices of politicians, news anchors and political pundits to conform to a melody, The group achieved mainstream success racking up the most watched YouTube video of 2010. The Gregory Brothers continue to create films pertaining to politics and current events on their YouTube channel Schmoyoho.




Postcards from the Great Divide is brought to you by the award-winning team of Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, and Paul Stekler, who‘ve been responsible for some of the most respected political documentaries of the past twenty years. They are two-time Peabody Award and three-time DuPont-Columbia Award winning creators of such films as Vote for Me: Politics in America, Getting Back to Abnormal, George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire, and People Like Us.This team has previously made three feature documentaries together.

Jackie-Goss.jpegJacqueline Goss makes movies about scientific systems and how they change the ways we think about ourselves. Her two most recent works are “The Observers” –a feature-ish length portrait of a weather observatory on the windiest mountain in the world and “The Measures” – an essay film made with artist Jenny Perlin about the history of the metric system and “invention” of the meter. A native of New Hampshire, Goss is a 2008 Tribeca Film Institute Media Arts Fellow and the 2007 recipient of the Herb Alpert Award in film and Video. Goss teaches in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College in the Hudson Valley of New York. More at www.jacquelinegoss.com


93416742673_events_scott-carrier Scott Carrier is a writer, photographer, and radio producer. He was born, raised and still lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. His print articles and photos have appeared in Harper’s, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone and Mother Jones. His radio stories have been broadcast by NPR All Things Considered, NPR Day to Day, APM The Story, Savvy Traveler, Hearing Voices from NPR, and PRI This American Life.



Andrew Rose Gregory grew up in the mountains of Virginia, where he enjoyed walking to the public library & racing sticksdown creeks.  He is best known for making the viral sensations ‘Auto-Tune the News’ and ‘Songify This!’ with the rest of The Gregory Brothers. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Nov 6, 2016
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

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