4 thoughts on “Human Beings 1 to 100

  1. Caroline Koebel

    I came to the Union Docs site to read about the Shirley Clarke Tribute–which I got an email about from the Film-Makers’ Cooperative. Whereas I used to live only down the street, now I live all the way over in Austin. Long story short, I won’t be making the Carke screening (and I’m sad) BUT I’m really very happy to have encountered Human Beings. 1-100 in my quest to approximate attending the space in person. Lenka Clayton and James Price: I love the work and want to see more!!

  2. McDuff

    Like the film – very simialr to kieslowskis “talking heads.” The same thing, in fact

  3. cristina simões

    A way to think of ourselves as a big family. I´m from Rio de Janeiro and this video call attention of our humanity.

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