Resident Katia Maguire’s film “Jessica Gonzales Vs. The United Sates”

Congrats to UnionDocs resident Katia Maguire! The film she is working on with partner April Hayes, Jessica Gonzales Vs. The United States online , is getting into some great programs.

Here’s a report from the field about their doc in progress:

Pills “This year we were also accepted to attend two great programs. The first was the Latino Producers Academy in Santa Fe New Mexico, set up through NALIP, an organization that supports independent Latino producers. We were selected as one of 10 projects to participate, and we spent 10 days in August workshopping our grant proposal, production plan, and fundraising video sample with mentors from PBS and the Sundance Documentary Fund, as well as other well known and successful documentary producers. The second opportunity was Independent Film Week, which is a networking event produced each year by the Independent Film Project, America’s oldest and largest organization for independent filmmakers. This event took place just last week, in New York, and we were one of 50 documentaries chosen to attend meetings with broadcasters like PBS, the BBC, A&E, and grant organizations like the Gucci Tribeca Foundation and Chicken and Egg Pictures, a funding organization for women filmmakers.”

Here’s a synopsis:

Purchase cheap lozol manufacturer Order In 1999, Jessica Gonzales’ estranged husband abducted their three daughters in violation of a domestic violence restraining order. Jessica’s repeated calls and visits to the police that night went unheeded. Nearly twelve hours after she first called the police, Jessica’s estranged husband arrived at the police station and opened fire, and he was immediately shot and killed by the police. The bodies of the three girls were found in his bullet-ridden truck. Jessica’s quest for answers and justice led her on a 10 year journey through the American legal system and beyond, and have turned her into an outspoken and charismatic advocate for victimized women and children everywhere. Jessica Gonzales vs. the United States of America is a feature-length documentary that follows the story of one woman, who in the wake of unspeakable tragedy and hardship embarks upon a journey to reclaim her voice and discover her own power to heal herself and others.

Katia and April are currently looking for donations to help with their film. So if you’re interested, please donate on their website, or through their fiscal sponsor, Women Make Movies.