LIVING LOS SURES at Camden International Film Festival 2015

Next week the Camden International Film Festival kicks off in Maine, and UnionDocs is excited to be participating. On Friday, September 18, Artistic Director, Christopher Allen, will present LIVING LOS SURES as a master class in the Storyforms thread of the documentary forum “Points North ” a launch pad for the next generation of nonfiction storytellers. Then on Sunday, Eric, Winter to Spring, a short film from the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio which was directed by Danya Abt and is part of the Living Los Sures project, will screen in the Shorts First 4 program. The film is a glimpse into the life of a Brooklyn cab driver as he moves through one season of his life. It will be presented alongside five additional titles from the Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking Shorts List.

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Produced over 5 years by 72 artists at the UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art, LIVING LOS SURES is a kaleidoscopic multimedia view of the Southside of Williamsburg — a neighborhood once named the worst ghetto in America, now the site of a battle between local identity and luxury lifestyle. Using a restored 1984 documentary as a starting point, the project has developed into a collection of 40 short films, an interactive people’s history, and a web documentary called 89 Steps, each of which demonstrates new possibilities for interaction between an arts institution and its surrounding community. UnionDocs Artistic Director Christopher Allen will sample from these interconnected elements, bringing together a narrative that circulates around the possibilities and perils of co-creation and the hidden resources that exist on a single city block.



Each year, the Points North Documentary Forum brings together the international documentary film community to reflect on the business, craft and future of nonfiction storytelling while connecting with peers and industry leaders in an intimate setting. Our full three-day program features hands-on workshops, panel discussions, one-on-one mentorships, pitch sessions, networking events and master classes that help independent documentary filmmakers advance their projects in concrete, meaningful ways.

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A strand of Points North programming that explores how nonfiction storytellers working across a variety of media—including film, photography, radio and the web—are adapting to a changed media landscape, experimenting with new technologies for creative expression, and creating participatory spaces that engage communities in shaping their own narratives.

Living Los Sures

Date: Friday, September 18, 2015.
Time: 1:30 pm.
Place: Tucker Room

Shorts First 4, Eric, Winter to Spring

Date: Sunday, September 20, 2015.
Time: 10:00 am.
Place: Farnsworth Art Museum

To read more about the festival and the Points North, go to: https://www.camdenfilmfest.orgorg online