Localore: Finding America is looking for collaborators: Apply by 06/26

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Localore: Finding America is the third in a series of AIR’s R&D storytelling productions to incubate innovation in public media. Finding America suggests that although there is an abundance of coverage and documentation by media each day, there are dimensions of the country that remain off the radar. Successful productions will enlighten the national narrative of America through the lens of public broadcasting.

Stations that want to incubate a production will create video or audio postcards about their culture, their staff, and the communities they want to reach. Indie media makers — called “outside collaborators” — will use these videos to identify their ideal station-collaborators. Teams will be matched and selected over the summer.

Who’s eligible: Producers, coders, documentarians, artists, designers, educators, and entrepreneurs are welcome to submit project ideas. AIR actively seeks a diverse pool of applicants to expand the public media system, and will provide relocation subsidies if needed.

For more information and to apply, please visit  Cheap online http://localore.airmedia.org/ online

Deadlines: Applications are due before midnight on June 26. Some stations have requested an extension to the May 31 station deadline. If your station needs more time, please contact Network Manager Adriana Gallardo at [email protected].

About AIR (The Association of Independents in Radio)

AIR was founded in 1988 by 10 independent radio producers in New York City. Since its inception, AIR’s leaders and network of producers have recruited, cultivated, and deployed independent storymakers to enrich, expand, and strengthen the public media system. AIR’s network has expanded to nearly 1,000 independent audio producers, multimedia journalists, and public media programs, stations and networks across 29 countries, headquartered in Boston.