NMAI Presnts the Native American Film+Video Festival 3/31-4/3

The Native American Film + Video Festival, organized by the NMAI Film and Video Center Pills , celebrates the creative energy of Native American directors, producers, writers, actors, musicians, cultural activists, and others who support their endeavors.

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The 2011 festival brings together participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Suriname, and the U.S. For audiences it’s an unparalleled opportunity to see great new films and be part of conversations with creative people from indigenous communities across the hemisphere.
The 2011 festival’s special focus is on Native people and the environment, opening with the New York premiere of Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change by Atanaruat: The Fast Runner Cheap director Zacharias Kunuk (Inuit) and Ian Mauro, on Thursday evening at 7pm, followed on Friday afternoon with an international symposium and screenings on the topic of “Mother Earth in Crisis.
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