Re/Lab presents a Re/Treat unnamed

On March 27th-28th Cheap Re/Lab of The New School offers a workshop on sustainable hardware practices hosted by UnionDocs.

Webcams, phone cameras, lenses, magnifiers, filters, adapters… The obsessions with image recording have continued to motivate inventors and manufacturers to produce a myriad of new optics, as small as biconcave micro lenses, and as big as massive reflective telescopes hunting for light traces of distant galaxies. Media makers, enthusiastically experiment with and accumulate optical technologies. They fill up camera bags; linger on desktop workstations and shelves; rest in storage boxes, studios, and creative laboratories. Ultimately, some of them are declared obsolete. Like eyes going blind, detached from their receptor cells, pounds of glass, metal and plastic are put to rest in some remote dark corner.

The Re/Lens retreat focuses on sustainable practices and seeks to breathe new life into these objects. It invites experimentations in image making by interfacing old with the new, analog with digital, forgotten with popular. Bringing a variety of lenses, adapters, filters, and contemporary image technologies such as smartphone cameras and applications into play, Re/Lens will delve into creative explorations of these unlikely syntheses. Join them at the end of March to play!

ABOUT RE/LAB: Re/Lab is an interactive public database of heritage- and current-image and sound technologies across TNS. Premised on the idea that students of media think and engage more meaningfully when they deeply understand the material history of their subject, Re/Lab encourages media innovation that is critically and historically informed for a sustainable creative future. Find out more Buy Order here.

Free for New School students, faculty, and staff. Cost to public: $150 for both days

The workshop will take place at UnionDocs, Order


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