Study 01 thinks through EMBODIED EXISTENCE with artist / writer Steve Reinke and artists Dani & Sheilah ReStack. They ask, what can an artist, or in their case a couple of artists do with the world? We’re providing a few provocations to encourage an informed, structured, and very real discussion about the work. Link up for this experiment in building a community for collaborative research and conversation and find our alluring pathways, expansive resources and more below.

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Steve Reinke

Study 01 — Embodied Existence

“Dani and Sheilah ReStack have embarked on an artistic relationship that is formally and emotionally adjacent to their domestic lives, a quotidian zone they share with their young daughter Rose. Both artists have established careers on their own. Neither Dani’ video work or Sheilah’s multimedia performance and installation work could exactly prepare us for the force of the women’s collaborative efforts.” Michael Sicinski (Cinema Scope, 2017).

Steve Reinke is an artist and writer best known for his monologue-based video essays. He is the author of two books, co-edited four anthologies, and has written dozens of essays, mostly on artists’ film. He is a professor of art theory and practice at the Northwestern University. His work is represented by the Isabella Bortolozzi gallery, Berlin.

So where to start… ? One obvious thing is coupleness, coupledom, couplehood.  That is. These works are made in collaboration. Two artists. The ReStacks. 

fetus-cropped01 copy

The artists are lovers. Connected physically, connected emotionally, generously shared, boldly exposed. their love and life together are (part of) the subject matter. It’s pretty hot! No?

(especially of an animal)
in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication.

“a feral cat”

early 17th century: from Latin fera ‘wild animal’ (from ferus ‘wild’)

Speaking of control… Is shared authorship apparent? Where? What about their process, their power dynamic? How does it work? Have you / can you imagine making art with a lover? Good idea, or…?

Watch A Hand in Two Ways (Fisted) by The ReStacks.
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