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Depths of Field: Expanding Cinematography in your Practice

With Alejandro Mejia, Jonathan Bogarín, Jenni Morello, Iris Ng, Kirsten Johnson & Joe Bender What are the ways to build visual relationships between different worlds, different characters and different stories to tell?

Recycling the Screen: Sourcing Materials for Nonfiction Art

Led by artist Leslie Thornton with curator Thomas Zummer, & Rebecca Cleman, Sid Iandovka, Onyeka Igwe & Keith Sanborn In a world overloaded with visual material there for the taking and an infinite potential towards a practice of remixing, how can we organize these images towards new narratives?

Threading Frames: Creative Editing for Nonfiction Storytelling

With Rebecca Adorno, Theo Anthony, Liz Hodes, Nyneve Laura Minnear, & David Teague As editors & filmmakers how do we define our style or the intended tone in a film?

First as Tragedy, then as Farce: The Act of Reenactment

With Zoe Beloff, Agnese Cornelio, Cathy Lee Crane, Tara Mateik, Rodrigo Reyes, & Kate Valk How can reenactments help us rupture time and write history anew, opening up a space for what has been forgotten, suppressed, or left out?

Podcast School

With Avery Trufelman, Shima Oliaee, Najib Aminy, Martín Gonzalez, Matt Wolf, Mitra Kaboli & Benjamin Riskin - with the support of Radiotopia Support your personal creative podcasting practice and think about how to make your audio concept come alive

Entangled Bonds: Working with Family in Documentary Film

With Jordan Lord, Angelo Madsen Minax,Tiffany Sia, Ha'aheo Auwae-Dekker & Judith Helfand How can we unpack familial and filmic bonds when we make films with family?

Crossing Signals: Animation as Documentary Form

With Sabine Gruffat, Ariana Gerstein, Jacqueline Goss, Lei Lei, Lucy Raven & Ezra Wube How can we upend the conventional uses of animation in documentary and uncover its powerful visual language?

Contested Ground: Landscape as Territory

With Pablo Álvarez Mesa, Basma Alsharif, Salomé Lamas, Fox Maxy, Jacquelyn Mills, & Ana Vaz How can our non-fiction practices remap the contested territories we document?

Collaboration and / as Negotiation: Documentary Ethics

With Amanda Gutiérrez, Hadley Austin, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Walis Johnson, Veronica Mockler & Javier Toscano How do we situate collaboration and ethical engagement within our work?

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Break Out ’23 — Artistic Differences

Can we generate a public space for a better conversation around documentary film?


Peek in the window of our bustling building in NYC and tune into the ideas and energy bubbling up from the UNDO Center.