Mono No Aware Spring Workshops Starting at $75 – Register Now!

2016 was a really positive year for Mono No Aware! Their organization held a super successful 21-day 10th Pills Purchase  anniversary festival and surpassed their Kickstarter goal – they are hard at work in 2017 to open the nation’s first nonprofit motion picture lab right here in Brooklyn to better serve our community. All the while, they’ll be holding screenings and workshops, including a brand new *DIY Contact Printing Techniques* workshop. Registration is open now and workshops start at $75.

March Workshops:

3D Stop-Motion Puppet Animation on Tuesdays, 7-9:15pm
Super-8mm Filmmaking on Wednesdays, 7-9:15pm
Buy Intro to 16mm Color Filmmaking Purchase  on Thursdays, 7-9:15pm
Build Your Own 16mm Looper on Sunday 3/5, 10-5pm
Hand Processing B&W Reversal Film on Sunday 3/11, 10-4pm
Pills DIY Contact Printing Techniques *NEW* on Sunday 3/26, 10-5pm

May Field Trip Workshops:

16mm Color Adventure Hike Upstate on 5/21, 9-7pm

Beachside Cinema Retreat from Friday 5/12 to Sunday 5/14 in Shelter Island, NY